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Haha Fucker This Title Will Never Fit On Your iPod Screen by Fall Out Boy

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screw school i’m going to be a pot dealer and offer many types of pots and other kitchen utensils

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people make me fucking sick. i thought we, as a society, had moved past judging people unfairly and letting our prejudices dictate us. i cant believe im bein dragged out of this 7th grade gym class for being a little “drunk” and bein the best at volleyball

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Simon Cowell is so rich why does it feel like he only owns white shirts from Walmart

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This is just wrong.

Oh Professor Longbottom…why yes, you can show me your herbology etchings…

ooh Professor Longbottom ooh

Professor Longbottom is utterly confused as to why students actually fight in the halls over getting a spot in his courses…

Herbology was never this popular when I was a student, Neville thinks. Oh how the trends change!

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